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Interested in basketball? EVS in FRANCE for you!

February 17, 2012 | In: , ,

MEYSSAC (France) is looking for 2 EVS volunteers for project with reference number 2011-FR-49 starting September 1st 2012 with duration 1 year.

The volunteers will help to organize various club events in Dynamic Basket Lot Corrèze:

International Tournament: identification of potential teams, preparation of the promotional brochure, organisation on the sportive side, welcoming the teams.

Coach Conference: communication, preparation of the promotional
brochure, welcoming the coaches attending the conference as well as the
Mini-basketball tournaments: identification of potential teams, preparation of the promotional brochure, organisation on the sportive side, welcoming the teams,minibasketball activities.
They will also particpate to the organisation of all the extra-basketball events: bingo, festive dinners, etc.
They will have to organise a basketball or extra basketball event in relation with their country or club habits.

Selection criteria: It is very important that s/he  has the skills and knowledge in basketball. The better is he or she has played.

Interested? Send your CV (“Europass” format) + motivation letter in English language to fabrice@dynamicbasket.fr until July 15th 2012.

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