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Interested in social work? EVS in IRELAND 4 U!

December 7, 2011 | In: , ,

Depaul Irelans, hosting organisation for EVS volunteers,  offers 4 vacancies (2 placements in Dublin/Republic of Ireland + 2 placements in Belfast/Northern Ireland).

Depaul Irelans is a relatively new charity, that shares the ethos and values of a 400-year tradition aimed at practical support and solutions to those in need.

Organisation manages projects for mohless and disadvantaged people without home. Clients of organisation are dealing with factors such as inappropriate living arrangements, overcrowding, domestic violence and bereavement as well as youngsters like parents with lack of life experience.

Homeless Families project runnining in North Belfast in Mater Dei Hostel, Cloverhill Hostel will start 3 July 2012. The duration of each project is 10 months. Reference numbers are 2010-GB-40 and 2010-GB-41.

Projects running in Dublin will start on 2nd July 2012 or 5th September 2012 and duration of each placement is 12 months. Location for this project is in Back Lane Hostel (Reference No.: 2009-IE-15), Orchid House (2009-IE-13 and 2009-IE-14) and in Tus Nua Apartments (2009-IE-17).

Check details of projects according Reference Numbers in Database of Acredited Organisation http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm.

Activities for future volunteers will run in Mater Dei Hostel. They greatly enhance the service that hosting Organisation can provide for their service users. Volunteers bring intercultural dimension to the lives of the clients. Volunteer work is centered round worthwhile activities (mostly supporting service users ). They participate in activities with the service users that staff sometimes do not have the time to do like: art and craft workshops, games and quizzes, life skills classes (basic literacy, numeracy, computers, cookery, job skills), Film Night, Cultural Awareness, Family Activities, organising seasonal events (Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas,…)

Criteria for future volunteers: S/he should be empathic and non-judgemental, patient and self-motivated, ability to initiative and be flexible and open to new situations, interested in, and basic understanding of the issues around homelessness. Willig to work with chidren (of all ages) and parents who are on the margins of society. Good level of written and spoken English.

If you are interested, please, contact us for application form at evs@studentplus.ro. All the candidates are asked to complete application which asks for following information:

  1. A volunteer motivation for applying to do EVS and to the project also
  2. The volunteers general understanding of the factors that lead people to became homeless with reference to the particular client group of the project
  3. The challenges that the volunteer anticipates when working in organisation projects
  4. The skills and abilities a volunteer feels they will bring to the projects
  5. General expectations of a placement

Volunteers are also requiered to produce 2 works/study related references, a relevant police clearance certificate from country that they are travelling from and informatin relating to their medical history. Selected candidates will be contacting for interview.

Deadlines for sending all the documents and application is for Dublin 15 th December 2011 and for Belfast 4th January 2012.

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