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ISTANBUL is waiting for U! Apply for Turkish EVS project

April 2, 2012 | In: , ,

Turkish NGO GENCTUR Genclik Turizmi Dernegi (details avaible here: https://www.facebook.com/yasayarakogrenmemerkezi) in Istanbul is looking for EVS volunteer for project with EI ref. ???. Project will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 10 months.

The participants of projects made by GENCTUR are mainly from economically low income. They want to improve themselves with participating activities. They are working voluntarily at the centre. The centre is supported by the GENCTUR and some individuals. They make several activities and training for young people especially university students.

Examples of activities and programs:

1. Project writing sessions
2. Workshops in different topics (Environment, gender, peace etc.)
3. Trainings for personal and social developments
4. Foreign language speaking clubs

Proposed tasks:
The volunteer is mainly working with the young people and is also taking part in the activities and programs of the cooperation.
The volunteer will be working sometimes alone, sometimes with other local volunteers %40 activities: prepare and carry out social activities – organize and lead of Foreign Speaking Clubs.

Preparing presentations of several trainings. Evaluation meetings, maintaining order of the office by opening and closing it etc. %40 project writing: The center runs with some donations but especially with several projects. So the volunteer should search and write projects for finding some fund. %10 office works %10 language course.

S/he either can learn informally or formally with help of local volunteers. Working Hours will be flexible. However generally it will be around 5 days per week from 14.00-21.00. 2 days will be off per week. Saturday will be working day. So one day will be off in week days.
Moreover, volunteer might participate national and international projects and voluntary workcamps as representative of YASOM.

Selection Criteria: Language skills: Fluent English. At least basic Turkish is preferable. Able to work independently and take initiative. Talkative, friendly, smiling and patient person. Flexibility to take on a great variety of tasks. Ability to work in a team. Some experience with youth. Some experience with project writing. Being able to adopt to different culture. Flexibility for spontaneous reactions towards the needs of the young people.

Interested? Send your application directly to info@yasom.org and efehandanisman@yahoo.com by 10th of April 2012. In our application must be include the curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter with your photos which explain you in social and volunteering life. Selection will be finished by 20th of April, after the application form and activity agreement will be prepared with the sending organisation and volunteer and apply to the national agency for the May 1st deadline.

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