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Latvian EVS project related to ECO and charity activities

April 10, 2012 | In: , ,

Latvian Hosting Organisation Radi Vidi Pats (details www.radividipats.lv) located in Liepāja is looking for EVS volunteer. The project with EI ref. 2010-LV-34 will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

The organisation tries to improve the youth cultural and social environment by involving youngsters in international projects. The mains priorities of the organisation are environmental education and intercultural learning for youngsters of Liepaja city.

Youth exchanges based on the nature or environmental theme are organized to reach these goals. These exchanges are international or local. Radi Vidi Pats takes a part in events like Liela Talka (international cleaning day), Livas Tirgus, Zalais Punkts,… Various workshops about recycling (creating wallets from tetra packs as well as musical instruments) are organized.

This EVS project willb e realized in cooperation with a local charity shop Otra Elpa (details: www.otraelpa.lv) and most of the tasks will be done in it.

Proposed activities for volunteers:

1. Take active part in promotion of the social businesses and volunteerism

2. Promote the charity shop and its activities in Liepāja

3. Do the practical arrangements in the charity shop, selection of products, putting prices, arrangement in the shelfs.

4. Take part in arranging the cultural programme in the shop (inviting musicians and travellers and other interesting persons), prepare the information and posters of the event.

5. Promote the principles of sustainable and ecofriendly life style by organizing activities of reuse, reduce, recycle. Take part in the festivals by organizing creative workshops.

6. Help the hosting organization with organizing anual events such as European mobility week, European Youth week, Baltic-Mediterranean festival, Boltik Baik 2013, National Cleaning day etc.

7. Promote the coopeartion between charity organizations, NGO and business sector in Liepāja.

8. Support local youngsters in writing and realizing projects.

The organisation tries to improve the youth cultural and social environment by involving youngsters in international projects.
Interested? Send your CV with photo and motivation letter to evs@radividipats.lv (contact person: Agata Babina) until 16th April 2012.
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