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Latvian Family Crisis Centre is looking for EVS volunteers

April 12, 2012 | In: , ,

Foundation Zante Family Crises Centre (which is about 90 km from capital city Riga) has just opened new EVS hosting project for 3 volunteers with EI ref. 2012-LV-6 (but not added in the EVS projects database yet). The project will start in September 2012 and its duration is 6 months.

Zante Family Crises Centre is foundation working for children and families with children in area of social rehabilitation, social care, children rights protection and education. It’s institution which provides professional aid for people in crises.

Clients of the Centre are: 1) children and families with children, 2) nearest support systems of children and families, 3) representative institutions of children and families’ interests.

The Centre provides: safe environment recovery of social and psychological stability, improvement of life skills, legal protection, promote competence to decide and to live further. The professionals of the Centre use methods of psychology, psychotherapy, social work, social pedagogy and social care.

Volunteer’s tasks: They will get experience in work with disadvantaged children together with professionals and give their contribution in rehabilitation process for children who have suffered from violence and other unlawful actions. They will support children, organize and spend time together in different everyday activities.

Volunteer’s working hours are 8 h per day. There are typical day activities of the Centre in which volunteer can take part (optional):
1. together with staff members to help children in their everyday indoor and outdoor activities. Morning circle and conversations, creative workshops and activities, walking outside, individual conversations, evening circle and evening conversations, story time – reading stories for little children;
2. to help arrange toys and games after activities;
3. to help children during meal time, to give eat for little children at 09.00;13.00;16.00;19.30
4. to help watch over little children, take care and play with them in rooms and outside;
5. to help and teach clients to manage order and cleanness in rooms;
6. to visit theater to go for excursions and walks together with children;
7. organizing different creative activities together with social workers;
8. during school time on working days participation in lessons at schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09.00 to 12.30 – English lessons, handcrafts, music and sport.
9. on holidays Saturdays and Sundays – excursions with children. Volunteer will have possibility to go to another places in Latvia, enjoy sightseeing, cultural activities etc.
10. on Saturdays – activities for volunteers organized by manager of the Centre – museums, sightseeing, concerts etc

There are two options of accomondation for volunteer. The first option is shared flat with other volunteers near the Zante Family Crises Centre and secont option is to live inside the Zante Family Crises Centre.

Selection Criteria: Candidates should like work with children, who are tolerant, patient, flexible, creative and responsible. This work requests such feature as empathy, tolerance, patience, flexibility, creativity responsibility and activity.

During selection phase and preparation phase we will keep in touch not only with sending organizations but also with volunteers. We will appreciate if volunteer could work similar work – work with children in social field during his/her project preparation phase in their own country. It is very important that volunteers understand environment of our project which is very different from urban life and its offered possibilities.
Our project is open especially for volunteers – young mothers with their children. We have great experience in work with children and our Centre has capacity for hosting volunteers with children. We also have social rehabilitation programme for under-aged mothers and it would be great value if these mothers could receive intercultural experience being together with volunteer – young mother and her child.

zanteberniem@inbox.lv (Ms. Aija Švāne) Contact person outside organization: Ieva Upesleja pozitivadoma@pozitivadoma.lv

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