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Macedonian EVS project “The Missing Ingredient” for YOU!

July 17, 2012 | In: , ,

There is an open-call for vacancy for 2 EVS volunteers in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Project with EI. Ref.  2011-SI-14 will start 1st April 2013 and its duration is 9 months. hosting organisation Youth association Info front – Prilep (details: http://www.infofrontprilep.blogspot.com/)

The volunteers will work toghether with staff, which means it’ll will provide them the necessary help, basics, introduction and knowledge for the activities, so they would expand their knowledge of active citizenship. They will have an opportunity to learn and to work with the methods of non-formal education and to be introduced, to learn and to work in the whole process of developing, implementing and disseminating a youth project, especially YiA 3.1. project from our project managers.

The volunteers will get to know more about European awareness and the youth activism through new and old media- web 1.0 and especially web 2.0 from our informatics engineer.

They’ll be provided the technical, graphical, oratory, writing and photography skills from our artists and designers, which can be useful in their future engagements.

The tasks are designed in a frame of 30 to 35 working hours per week, Monday to Friday, from 10:00 – 17:00. In case there are activities during the weekend, the volunteers will be given the next 2 days free.

Proposed Tasks:
Loesje creative writing workshops: at first, the volunteer will participate in the process of creative writing and then will be introduced to the the methods, will learn how to facilitate the English language workshops and will learn the details on final editing and layout of posters; – office work- updating the website /blog/ social networks profiles, checking and answering e-mails, documenting the activities; – foreign language course.

The workshop will provide the local youngsters with fewer opportunities language lessons, given by the volunteers, in the volunteers’ mother tongue; – monthly youth magazine- The magazine will cover all the current topics in our municipality, will cover cultural and sport events, will inform about youth creative activism, will promote European awareness, the YiA programme, with an emphasis on EVS and will promote local young artists; – developing new projects (writing, implementing and disseminating).

Discussions: the volunteers will facilitate informal discussions in English on raising the awareness of the benefits of being a European active citizen and also discussions in the volunteers’ mother tongues with local youngsters with knowledge of those languages, with a help from our pedagogs; – promoting YiA and EVS in the high-schools and the university.

The volunteers will be encouraged and will have the opportunity to develop their own projects in accordance to our activities and they will get the complete support from our organisation regarding contacts, finances, capacities etc.

Selection Criteria: The project is open for volunteers aged 18-30, coming from Programme countries.

Interested? The volunteers are encouraged to send their CV and motivation letter to infofrontprilep@gmail.com (contact person: Hristijan Jordanoski) until 31st June 2012.

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