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New media for new generations: Slovenian EVS project

April 18, 2012 | In: , ,

There is a free vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovenia for project with title “NEW MEDIA FOR NEW GENERATIONS”. Hosting organisation Youth center Litija (more details: http://www.mc-litija.si/) is looking for EVS volunteer for project located in Litija. Project with EI Ref. 2009-SI-98 starts 1st October 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

Proposed activities for future volunteer: S/he would work as a team member. Work includes working in program of hosting organisation, evolving it and promoting it. EVS volunteer is welcomed to evolve his own project, but of corse full help with it will be offered to him. Working with new media is included as well as promotion of events, updating web page of hosting organisation, introducinhome country, culture and language.

Selection criteria: Candidate should be person that is open, likes to work with youth, also with youngsters with less opportunity.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to until 18th April 2012.

Romanian version avaible here: https://www.voluntar-timisoara.ro/urgentnew-media-for-new-generations-proiect-sev-in-litija-slovenia/

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