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Nisville Jazz Festival: Call for Volunteers

July 9, 2012 | In: , ,

Nisville Jazz Festival continues the its tradition and starts the contest for the Nisville volunteers team of 2012. Volunteers are an important part of the festival, and volunteering at Nisville gives the festival great support in realization of the whole festival . The interest for volunteering is big at the moment and we are expecting volunteers applications from all around Serbia, the region and beyond, the number of volunteers is higher and the volunteering program will be even more interesting.

Open to: All interested, at least 15 years old  and regardless of country of residence
Venue: 10-20 August 2012, Nis, Serbia

At the forecoming festival there will be 350 volunteers spaced in 12 sectors:
• Assistent Team Leader – Performs the activites of helping the team leaders of a sector
• Audience Host – Performs activities inside the festival area including the reception of the audience, ticket inspection, directing and accompanying the audience to their seats
• Musicians Host – Performs activities including reception of the musicians and accompanying them in and out the festival area
• VIP guest host – Performs activities of reception of the guests in the VIP sector, including helping out and giving support, when needed
• The Bee – Performs activities related to the realisation of protocols during the main and supporting events of the festival, beginning with the welcoming and handing out gifts to maketing stand activities
• Marketing– Performs the activities including the advertising of the festival, such as the setting of advertisements or preparing the advertising gifts at the marketing stands
• Press – Performs the activities concerning the organisation and realisation of the press service of the festival
• Technical support – Performs the activities concerning placing the instruments, and also setting the stages
• Logistics – Performs activities related to the support and realization of the following festival program
• Catering service – Performs the actvities concerning taking care of food/drinks of all the festival participants
Workshop – Performs the actvities concerning the organisation of space and participants of the festivals workshops
• Security – Performs the activities concerning the support to the festival security

Eligibility: Nišville invites all interested volunteers to apply and become a part of the great and significant musical manifestation.

Criteria: In order to apply, you must be at least 15 years old. Also, applying includes everyday activism from August 10 to August 20 2012, working in shifts. The work of the volunteers is done by the rules of the volunteering management and regarding the Volunteering Law of Serbia.

You can apply online by:
1. Downloading the form that can be found here.
2. Filling in the form and
3. Sending the form along with a photograph to the email address volunteers@nisville.com

Candidates who enter the shortlist will be contacted by email for an interview by 7 days after the closing of the contest.

Volunteers sector is coordinated by Marjan Doca Cvetković. If you have questions or doubts, send an email to volunteers@nisville.com

Deadline: 15 July 2012. The late and incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

More details avaible at The Official Web Site

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