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Open call for EVS vacancy in Germany

April 20, 2012 | In: , ,

The youth education centre
Blossin with the Ref
2012-DE-13 is a registered
association of the free
youth welfare. As an
educational institution
we offer a huge capacity
for hosting youth groups,
youth organisations and
educational associations.
The youth education center
provides numerous possibilities
of educational and leisure
programs together with the Brandenburg sports youth- Organization
forms and addresses a qualitative educational program in the field of
the extracurricular youth education to youngsters and young adults as
well as youthworkers and socialworkers. On the generous outside area,
in the middle of pinery and directly besides the Wolziger See (Lake)
various projects of education, leisure, sport and free-time activities
can be realized. The youth education centre have disposes an own
harbour with connection with the aquatic sports areas in the land of

There are various possibilities for volunteer, in outdoor-activities
in the work youth groups, as well as in the area of organization,
preparations and execution of international projects and in the
reception. The volunteer can also realize projects due to his/her
abilities. They will also be trained (e.g. to acquire a
certificate for youthleaders). After appropriate advanced trainings
they are able to work also in the outdoor area (Climbing, canoe, etc).
They would have on the one hand own areas of responsibility and
projects on which they work and, on the other hand, would support to
the assistants of the educational area. The volunteers can execute
own ideas and projects. They can work in the PR activities. 

collaboration in projects of the youth education, international youth
meetings, office work, care of youth groups, public relations,
Reception: reception of groups, key issue, phone service, showing
the area;
Administration: support at post, flyers etc.; Outdoor: support at
the watersport area, climbing, sporthall.


Please send your CV and motivation letter to
Herr Friedrich Kruspe, f.kruspe@blossin.de,

Tel: +49 33767 75552 before 23th April 2012
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