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Romanian participants needed for 2nd European YMCA Youth Workers Camp in Michelstadt, Germany

June 11, 2012 | In: , ,

Ready to have amazing experience during summer 2012?

YMCA Youth Workers Camp is looking for Romanian participants for period 4th-12th August 2012. What was previous edition of Camp about? Check pics and videos here: http://www.cvjm-teencamp.de/toolkit

Register yourself  untill  13 th June 2012. The concrete registrations are possible online at: https://cvjm.de/arbeitsbereiche/internationale-arbeit/international-begegnen/europ-mitarbeiter-camp/registration-application/  

Small international groups from Sweden, England, Czech Republic, Ireland, Iceland, Russia, Spain, Netherlands and of course Germany will participate as well.

The conditions would be: age 16-27 years, 1 leader (same age or older) the price per person would be 149 Euros, 70 % of the travel costs would be reimbursed by EU, so only 30 % of travel costs would stay on your side.

If you would come with less than 6 persons the price would remain the same (149 Euros), but you would have to take over 100 % of the travel costs.

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