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Short Term EVS In Turkish Teracotta Event For 10 Volunteers

February 29, 2012 | In: , ,

Short-term project organised by TERRACOTTA SYMPOSIUM for duration 1st-30th September 2012 is open for 10 EVS volunteers from different countries.

Details about event: http://www.tepebasi.bel.tr/pismis/galeri.asp

Tepebasi Municipality (hosting organization) is realizing an international symposium each year. It is organized to keep alive the terra cotta tradition in city (both traditional and industrial).

Today to keep this tradition alive we organize series of event during the International Terra Cotta Symposium. The first one is, the artistic dimension, 5 National and 5 International artists are welcome and during 16 days they are expected to create an artistic sculpture that is going to be exhibited in outdoor areas of the city.

The second part of the events is social events; there are exhibitions, concerts and contests that take every day. The last one is scientific events, scholars (national and international) present their proceedings in 2 days and these proceedings are gathered in a book to serve for scientific and industrial resources/purposes.

Tasks of the volunteer: 1. Introducing the symposium to the local by opening stands in the city center. 2. Film Shooting 3. Photographing 4. Web Page News Updating 5. Blog News Updating 6. Facebook News Updating 7. Preparing a daily Symposium Newsletter 8. Preparing a mini-booklet introducing Eskisehir 9. Presentation of symposium in the last day of the symposium 10. Organizing an Intercultural Evening presenting his/her country 11. Producing visual introductory materials from the videos and pictures

SELECTION CRITERIAS • Age between 18-30 • Resident in any Programme Countries: 27 EU Member States + EFTA States + Croatia • Has skills and knowledge about media and social media works. • Motivated to work in a team

Interested? Until 1st April 2012 fill out this online application form.

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