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Short term EVS projects (Bulgaria and Turkey)

January 4, 2012 | In: , ,

Open call for 10-15 EVS volunteers for a project around the Rose Festival of Karlovo, Bulgaria. This EVS project is related to topic of social inclusion, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue during the preparation and realisation the Rose Festival in Karlovo. The EVS project will be a 2-month project starting from 7th May 2012.

The Rose Festival of Karlovo involves various activities beforehand such as Miss Rose Contest, school contests, exhibitions etc. The Culmination is on the Saturday of the Rose Festival weekend when there are performances of various folklore groups, bazaars, street parades etc.

Tasks for volunteers: For these activities we need the help of volunteers, plus a special event we will organize with the volunteers – a European Bazaar where each volunteer will represent its country with souvenirs, art things s/he will have to bring or prepare with its sending organization or in the days before the festival. Activities for the volunteers will be involving leaflets preparation and distribution, helping the overall organization of the festival.

If you are interested in this EVS project, please send your CV and Motivation to mgird@abv.bg and evs@studentplus.ro before 9 th January 2012.


SHORT GROUP EVS with 10 volunteers each from different country in Turkey Fethiye will start on 1st March 2012 and its duration is 2 months. Project is related to theme Enviromental outdoor workshops.

Community in Fethiye located in South Aegean of Turkey (town Mugla city) has a good relationship with foreigners and people form different cultures. The Group of at least ten volunteers in Fethiye will have the opportunity to add a value to environmental works and youth in action for sustainable better world. Volunteers will act as a big group of environmentalists to stop people destroying the environment and they will also learn how they can protect the earth and wild life by taking an active role in a large group.

Activities for volunteers: The volunteers will be involved in daily care and awareness workshop for organic farming, producing and placing wooden cages and feeding-water boxes, cleaning the coast water with special tools from a boat, checking and cleaning the coast and turtles egging locations, installing wooden box and planting trees, scout Camping with local youth and evaluation of the naturel changes and cleaning natural coasts for turtles with a local youth group. All Volunteers will actively take part in environmental campaigns media works, and trekking protecting and caring the wild life and nature at the same time. The group will be helping preparation of camping for local youth groups, organise and help youth trainings about environment. They will grouply take responsibility for protecting wild animals eggs and cages. As a team in nature they will build feeding and water places for wild life. The natural beaches and lakes in the direction of immigrant birds will be cleaned guarded and protected by a volunteer team.

Selection Criteria: The volunteer should be able to share a common aim and life standards with a group of 10 volunteers and 10 local volunteers in a period of one or two months. Activities take a start at a definite date and finish at a definite date. The volunteers should be interested to give their contribution to development of local society. In that case they need to have a sense in interculturality and try to identify their own place in environment where they can give maximum of themselves. Future volunteers are expected to be open for new experience, ready to learn new thing, to be flexible and independent. Basic knowledge of English language and basic computer skills are also needed. To be creative is also big plus. Activities are almost based on physical acitivites so many days volunteers will be tired. The volunteers should not be afraid of being near to nature.

If you are interested, please contact us by fethiyedogagonder@yahoo.com and by evs@studentplus.ro with a motivation letter and cv.


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