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Short-term EVS projects in Bulgaria

January 5, 2012 | In: , ,

EVS sending, hosting and coordinating organization situated in Sofia, Bulgaria is offering placement for 18 EVS volunteers in short-term project “The Power of Youth Persistence.”

The project will start 20th August 2012 with duration 1 month in popular international all-year resort with wonderful climate, rich nature and healing spa springs. Located at 160 km distance to the south from the capital of Sofia.

TASKS FOR FUTURE VOLUNTEERS: Participation in team building seminar and a short language course for acquiring simple language skills for easier communication in Bulgarian. Help during the preparation and realization of the Balkan Youth Festival. Participating in the preparation and promoting the activities on place in Sandanski (design and placement of scenery on stage, festival decoration, etc.) Taking part in the meetings of the team, preparing the festival program (the volunteers will have the opportunity to gain abilities for a team work and to be actively involved in the decisions, if they are active and willing to develop their organizing skills they can take all the responsibility on organizing one of the festival activities, for example the concerts, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, youth party, picnic, youth forum or an intercultural exchange project, etc.); Providing assistance in the performances of the artists (Documenting the event in pictures and videos). An active participation in the festival program (from the reception of the groups, everyday work on the program, media meetings, photo-making and so on, to the final “good-bye”). Conduction of public events aimed to popularize and promote the results of the Balkan Youth Festival,  “YOUTH IN ACTION” Programme of EU and EVS.

SELECTION CRITERIA: This project encourages the participation of young people with the following disadvantages: economical, educational, geographical and social difficulties. There are not some other specific requirements for the volunteers, except that they should be between 18 and 30 years old and coming from any of the Program Countries or Neighboring Partner Countries.

Volunteers should be motivated and willing for participation in the preparation and implementation of the “Balkan Youth Festival”, their tolerance towards the differences and their readiness for active participation in the positive change of the region and Europe and its young people. The Association has a rich experience in work with volunteers (not under the EVS, but in principle) from a number of different countries. M

A great part of the EVS sending organizations are our long-term partners and are acquainted with our activities. This will additionally support the process of volunteer selection. We are positive that our partners will popularize in their countries the possibilities for volunteer work in Bulgaria and will actively partake to the entire process.

For more details check Database of Accredited Organisation for Hosting EVS http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm EI Ref number 2011-BG-6

If you are interested, please, send your CV and motivation letter to  byfestival@gmail.com and to evs@studenplus.ro until 20th January 2012.


Green’ short-term EVS opportunity in BULGARIA will start 5th March 2012 and its duration is 2 months.

The project will provide the participating volunteers with the opportunity to be involved in the activities of our organization with the cooperation of various institutions, in celebrating the international Month of Earth and the World water day through organizing the regional eco festival “Koprinka fair.”  Project will run in Kazanlak, Koprinka & Stara Zagora (BULGARIA)

ACTIVITIES FOR FUTURE VOLUNTEERS: The volunteers will play different roles: photographers, screenwriters, writers, artists. Activities for your ears, eyes and other senses are included. The young people will be given the opportunity to realize that they share common values with the youngsters from the other countries through creating works of art together and reflecting in them their own cultural specifics. There are following tasks:
– cleaning up the Koprinka dam
– various workshops for recycling paper and composting
– presentation of ecological, tourist and EVS accredited organizations
– showing short eco movies
– presentation of extreme sports
– scout
– organizations and yoga
– creation of trash-art.

Calendar of the days to be celebrated:
22 March – World water day
1 April – International birds day
6-12 April – Forest week
8 April – International day against genetically modified organisms
22 April – International Earth day

Celebrating the World water day:
Press conference for presenting the festival, the schedule and the volunteers; trip to PSOV (water purification station) by the village of Ovoshtnik, and a visit to the hydropower plant by the village of Koprinka. Videos for the documentary will be shot.

Celebrating the International birds day:
Trip to the wild animals rescue centre “Green Balkans” in Stara Zagora. Videos for the documentary will be shot.

Celebrating the Forest week:
workshop: recycling paper.
– planting of low-growing plants.

Celebrating the Day against genetically modified organisms:
A conference with presentations on the following topics will be held: “Ecological problems today”, “Renewable energy sources”, “GMO in the world and in Bulgaria”, “GMO and the health of the young people”, “Ecology in the contemporary world of computers”, “Can we talk about history of ecology”.

Celebrating the International Earth day:
-presentation of eco organizations, tourist organizations and organizations accredited by EVS.
-showing short eco movies.
-cleaning up the Koprinka dam.
-concert of young gifted people in support of eco causes.

Preparatory and organizational activities:
-language course.
-visits to institutions and companies and work with them.
-logistics and coordination of the events.
-keeping entries in the volunteer’s diaries every single day during the project.
Follow-up activities: Eco bags, T-shirts, making and montage of a documentary movie.

If you are in age 18-30, please send your CV (Europass format) + motivational letter (which should include screenplays for the documentary about the eco festival) in English language to info@compass-youth.org and to evs@studentplus.ro until 15th January 2012.

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