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SLOVAKIA CALLING: Short term EVS or particiapation Youth Exchange

December 19, 2011 | In: , ,

Civic association ART KRUH, Agency for developing traditions of culture, craft, art and harmony has the essential philosophy to create a more conscious society, self-realization and personal freedom. Under the wing of ART KRUH was bron indepedent, international theater “Prenčov 60 Theater” situated in region of Banská Štiavnica in the center of Slovakia.

There is a opportunity to take part in short term EVS (1 or 2 months) or in youth exchange (21 days) in time period between 1st July and 31st August 2012.

This project will give opportunity to young people to gain knowledge about ecological style of living, to work with clay and ecological materials, to express themselves making art through different art workshops and activities and participate in the perfomances of  “Prenčov 60 Theater.”

The way of working for this project is inspired by Slavic roots, traditions and meetings with new cultures. Using different style of dances, singing in different languages, playing on instruments, acting, fireshow and circus.

Activities: crafts with natural materials and clay, creation and building of musical instruments, props and other objects used in the play, circus (juggling, stills, poi, tissue, acrobatics), dance (modern and contemporary dance, jazz, classical ballet, improvisation, folklore dance – polish, bulgarian), singing, drums – djembe, fireshow, masks workshop, movements of “5 elements”.

Criteria for candidates: to be positive, open minded, flexible and motivated. S/he should has experience with crafts and knowledge of old songs, dances, music, poems, histories, rituals or old traditions forgotten from their own country or minority folk-tribes. Participants should be interested in natural way of living as well as in history, myths or folklore and any form of art.

Accomodation is managed in tent or big Typi. Because the project will be ecological and will give opportunity to learn how to survive and live in connection with nature. There will be as well possibility to live in a building under roof where are shared rooms for 2 or more people. Your preference should be indicated in e-mail application for participation.

to choose which program would you like to participate in (short term EVS or youth exchange) and write when you have free time during the summer 2012.

If you are interested, please send your CV and Motivation letter to prencov60@gmail.com or martin@gavalier.eu till 20th January 2012.

In the beginning of spring there will be exact dates of project and more details about the activity program published. More information about organisation avaible at: http://www.artkruh.org/en

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