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Estonian EVS projects: volunteers needed for work with youth and/or in kindergarten

January 24, 2012 | In: , ,

Project with reference number 2009-EE-18 will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 9 months. Activities will be realised in hosting organisation Maidla Vallavalitsus, Estonia.

Tasks: are related with work in the local youth centre, s/he will be involved in other activities related with the leisure time.Volunteer will assist the youth workers: help to organize events for kids and youngstersart, handicraft and music activities, outdoor and indoor activities, intercultural evenings etc. While the volunteer is in the office s/he will have the option to choose which activities and task s/he wishes to participate in, this allowing for the personal interests of the volunteer.
S/he can develope his/her personal project. It could be organising summer camps, youth projects, starting with new study group or something else.

Selection criteria: Candidates should be open minded and tolerant, interested of working with children and youngsters and shouldn’t be afraid to live in small community. Volunteer should be mature, since working in a small community with different target groups is not always easy.

Own initiative and creativity to come up with new ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Maidla is a small community, volunteer should take that into account.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter (with answer for the question: Why I am The Volunteer for Maidla?) to INFO@ERINOOR.EE (contact person: Kai Raku) until deadline: 25 January 2012.


Estonian kindergarten is looking for EVS volunteer for project with Reference Number 2009-EE-44. Project will start 1st March and its duration is 11 months.

Tasks: The volunteer is expected to teach English to kids in the kindergarten, to assist in decorating the kindergarten, to cooperate with a partnering organization working in youth field. Kindergarten regularly holds different traditional events and activities, that let children and parents spend spare time together and unite the team. These are:
Children’s drawing exhebition “The world through children’s eyes” (mothly)
” Theme exhebitions “Estonia-my mother land”, “Handmade”, “Folk arts”, “A bit of fantasy and…”, “Nature’s gifts”, “Animal exhibition”
” Contests: poetry readung performance, music festival, sport competition
The Volunteer will be involved in all these activities and could also initiate his/her own ones. Thanks to it volunteer will have a chance to develop his/her skills in the field of creativity, event arrangement and management. S/he will experience different kinds of work: independent one and team work as well.

Selection criteria: S/he needs to be a good english language user, know some English nursery rhymes and be able to create contact with children. Possibility to support children handcraft lessons (textile-, paper craftworks), and because of it s/he needs to be creative, to be a good explainer and could also need a bit of the Russian language skills (but not obligatory). Candidate should be active and initiative, be communicative and open-minded.

Interested? Send your CV and motivtion letter to katenewyork@gmail.com until deadline 8th February 2012.

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