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Sustainability EVS in an eco village in Iceland

November 5, 2012 | In: , ,

The volunteer project in Sólheimar is committed to sustainability in a small eco-village in southern Iceland. It aims to maximize the potential of each individual. This community is renowned for its artistic and ecological atmosphere and prides itself on its varied cultural, social, and sporting activities.

The project, with EI-ref  2-11-ISL-1, will start on June 1, 2013 till June 1, 2014, lasting 12 months. The deadline to apply is January 1, 2013.

Tasks: There are seven voluntary sub projects. For more information on these, please go to   http://solheimar.is/images/stories/PDF/evsvolunteerinfo.pdf

1. Tree Nursery – Forestry: Main tasks are general maintenance of the tree nursery i.e. weeding, sorting, potting, watering etc; propagation of various species of trees/shrubs/herbs; leading and managing volunteer groups with various planting projects; and learning methods of practise for organic forestry/horticulture.

2. Organic Horticulture: Here the main tasks are picking, sorting and packaging vegetables; grooming the plants and the ground; planting; watering, weeding and placing pest control; washing, cutting and bagging vegetables.

3. Nærandi – Food production and Bakery: Here the main tasks are pack products; layer and arrange baked goods; keep the work place clean; prepare ingredients for all the recipes and even at times to; collect rhubarb from Sólheimar’s local rhubarb patch.

4. Service learning: You will work at the art gallery, the grocery store and a coffee shop.

5. Art workshop: weaving, textiles, painting, ceramics, organic soap-making, candle-making, woodwork.

6. Maintenance and Carpentry: You must have interest in working in carpentry with skills including making wood platforms, small walking bridges, windows etc.

Project environment: You will stay in a 16 room dorm. Probably you will have an en suite single room with shared kitchen and living room. There is the possibility that you will share your room at some point if more volunteers or visitors come later in  the year. Sólheimar (the “home of the sun”) is located in Grímsnes in the south of Iceland. It provides home and work to 43 individuals 7. Sesseljuhús: Sesseljuhús is a sustainable building and an educational centre focusing on environmental issues. Examples of activities are environmental education expansion at Sesseljuhús and waste-water treatment improvement, which is research-based focused on improving the current wetland waste-water treatment area

Selection criteria:
It is open to everyone but they prefer if you would demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, personal motivation and education or training in a field with focus on community sustainability, artistic skills, environmental studies and/or specific research applicable to Solheimar’s needs. Furthermore, you should be be aware of long, cold and dark winter days and nights in Iceland, and also of the bright summer nights when the sun hardly sets down.with special needs and in total, more than 100 people reside in Sólheimar. It  is a rather isolated place, meaning that there is no public transport from Sólheimar.

Interested? E-mail Beverly at beverly@studentplus.ro

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