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The Robert Schuman Foundation is looking for EVS volunteers

December 21, 2011 | In: , ,

The Robert Schuman Foundation in Warsaw, Poland is currently accepting applications for 2 volunteers beginning in October 2012.

The main aims of the Foundation are to encourage Polish citizens to actively participate, promote opportunities created by the Polish membership in the Community, foster the values of the European Union and to build civil society in Poland. The Foundation cooperates with a wide range of institutions within and outside the EU concentrating on promoting political and social initiatives focusing on the development of democracy.

PROPOSED ACTIVITIES FOR EVS VOLUNTEER: The main tasks of the volunteers would be connected with promotion of European integration process (as a political as well as a social process) in Poland and motivation of young people to become more active citizens in these main areas: Cooperation with European School Clubs (ESC) – informal unions between the students and teachers. The volunteers will travel all around Poland to give presentations and workshops about their own countries (traditions, history, educational system, young people’s lifestyles) and the EU in schools. Web-site Tri.net (Ukrainian-Polish-German Forum www.tri.net.pl.) is created as network for organizations acting or willing to act in the Ukrainian-Polish-German and lately also Belarusian relations. Volunteers will help to collect interesting materials for the Tri.net webpage, stay in contact with network members, assist the coordinator in preparing a yearly meeting of the Tri.net organisations. The Polish European Meetings is the biggest annual event organized by the Foundation. These Meetings consist of many different events – conferences, seminars, concerts, international meetings, Schuman Parade and the “European Village”. The volunteers could help to organize an international meeting of young people that usually accompanies the Polish European Meetings and be involved in a wide range of activities. The volunteers could help by organizing conferences, seminars, discussions, simulation games, thematic evenings, campaigns, trainings, etc.

CRITERIA for future volunteers: S/he should be highly motivated, creative, responsible, communicative and inspired to live, take part in activities and implement projects. They should be open-minded, support the idea of European integration and Foundation’s mission and willing to share their culture. No previous experience, knowledge and skills are required for carrying out the tasks of the project activities, al the necessary skills and knowledge for carrying out the tasks can be gained during the project.

For more details about all vacancies use EI Reference in Database of Accredited Organisation for Hosting EVS http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_en.cfm

Number 2010-PL-68.

DEADLINE for all candidates is 1st January 2012. We ask each candidate to submit CV and motivation letter. Please send applications to: evs@schuman.org. pl.

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