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Two EVS volunteers wanted in Czech Republic

November 30, 2011 | In: , ,

Would you like to learn more about communication, promotion, organizing, writing and editing? An international youth Non-govermental organisation IYNF  is currently looking for 2 EVS volunteers for project in Prague, Czech Republic. The duration of project is 1 year and it starts in September 2012.

Activities for volunteer:

  • preparation and administration of communication channels (website, database, forum, magazine Tube, newsletters and calendarium)
  • updating IYNF Social Media such as IYNF facebook fanpage, Twitter and the IYNF channel on YouTube
  • organisation of partnership building activities
  • support of the e-commerce (webshop)
  • admission and communication with the participants of IYNF activities

Criteria for future volunteers:
IYNF is looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic individuals with the ability to communicate in English and a great willingness to learn. The persons with experience with youth working field and good knowledge of information technologies is desirable but not essential. S/he should bein age between 18 and 27 years and ready to commit her/himself for a year to live abroad.

If you are interested, please, apply through the online application form: http://www.iynf.org/obsah/take_part/activities.php. Please fill also contact details to the Sending organization field. Without a registered sending organization it’s not possible to apply. Replies to the motivation questions are an important condition for the selection process.

Deadline for application is Monday, 19 of December 2011.

More details about this EVS project are avaible at: http://www.iynf.org/obsah/take_part/activities.php?id_activity=79

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