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Urgent call for an EVS project in Milan, Italy.

January 10, 2013 | In: , ,

„Joint Associazione di promozione sociale“ (2012-IT-11) is searching for a volunteer, who would like to work in the field of youth-information, starting from the 1st of October 2013 until 30th of September 2014.

Application deadline is the 17th of January!


Joint Associazione di promozione sociale is running the most important websites about EVS and youth exchanges in Italy.

The tasks of the volunteer would be the communication with youths, to spread the knowledge about their possibilities. The main part of the volunteers work will be in the office, but there is also direct communication with youths from this area. The volunteer also has the possibility to be a coordinator, trainer or maybe language teacher of a youth-exchange.


Accomodation: The volunteer will have to share his/her room with another volunteer from the same gender. So be aware of that.


Criteria: The volunteerhas to be really motivated to learn Italien and to be outgoing, as communication skills are very important for this project. If you have special knowledge about graphic design or communication skills, it will be a plus that you can bring.


Interested?: For further information send a mail to Patrick@studentplus.ro

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