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Urgently looking for EVS volunteer in the Netherlands

August 1, 2012 | In: , ,

Dutch Hosting organisation De Kleine Koning located in Vierakker, Netherlands (details:  http://www.dekleinekoningvierakker.nl/) is looking for EVS volunteer. Project with EI. ref. ??? will start 15th August 2012 and its duration is 10 months.

All activities take place inside or around the house. The activities can be divided into two sections. The first section are activities which take care of the house, the garden and the meals. The second section contains activities that fill the children’s spare time.

The activities occurring on a daily basis acquiring support from our volunteers are:
– helping the children to keep their room tidy
– setting up the table for dinner with some of the children
– walking to the town for groceries together with some of the children
– helping the children do their homework

As mentioned before, the house is surrounded by a small patch of forest, which provides the children with enough possibilities to participate in activities outside like cycling and walking. The activities which the children like to do in their spare time are:
– Singing songs
– Working in the garden where we keep herbs, vegetables and fruit. The children love to help alongside our people who supervise these activities in which they sow and harvest and so obtain a great sense of seasons.
– Swimming lessons, to which our staff accompanies them
– Being read stories. These stories reach out to their fantasies, and speak to their imagination.

The general rules for staff in training and volunteers are:
– Confidentiality obligations concerning private background information.
– Not acting independently concerning pedagogically the children without further knowledge of a steady employee.

Proposed Tasks:
The family house, or home, ‘de Kleine Koning’ is a recognised teaching facility for students who study Social Pedagogical Work and Social Pedagogical assistance. The volunteer will be aided in all possible ways by experienced pedagogues who have been working with mentally troubled children and training students for many years. A rewarding aspect of the job is that the volunteer will have a great contribution to the upbringing and development of the children.

The volunteer is also an enrichment to the staff of our family house through his or her own life experience, cultural baggage and his or her input. Furthermore, the volunteer will be involved in group activities, e.g. sharing meals, walking, cycling and cultural trips. These cultural trips differ a lot, from concerts to going out to the zoo. A lot of children acquire extra help with certain chores and their daily rituals, every single one adapted to the possibilities of the child in question. Examples of these chores and daily activities are: daily care, small household chores and helping the children with their homework. Every activity contributes to the development of the child in a way which even grows self-esteem and a trust in the child’s environment.

Selection Criteria: The volunteer has affection and affinity for children who require special need. He or she is a valuable aspect to the group and can be flexible towards the children and their often unpredictable behaviour. He or she is able to ask advice where needed. The volunteer also keeps an open and above all positive mind towards the antroposophical education. Above all, and perhaps the most important part is that the volunteer loves children and has his heart on the right place.

Interested? Send your CV, motivation and a picture to c.vugts@lava-group.com (contact person: Corné Vugts, Coordinating organisation: Stichting Lava Legato) until deadline 10th August 2012.

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