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Vacancies in Italian EVS projects related to art and envinroment

January 11, 2012 | In: , ,

Legambiente Lecco, an environmental association is looking for 6 motivated volunteers from 6 different countries for the project with Reference Number 2010-IT-104 with start on June 2012 till with duration 6 months.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Volunteers should be interested in environment and urban/rural development (and possibly with driving license). People with even a small knowledge of Italian will be welcome.

Interested? Ask for questionnaire “LTV Legambiente LC information” and after filling it out send it with your CV and motivation letter to: simone@legambientelecco.it interview contact (skype): simone.bassanelli

The selection process will be done evaluating cv, ml, questionnaire and through an interview (via skype call, mainly)

– Informations of sending organisation (mission, name of the contact person, e-mail, phone number and EI Ref)

The deadline to present candidatures is on 15th january 2012.


The Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella (Napoli, Campania region, Italy) is looking 5 EVS volunteers. Project with Reference Number 2011-IT-57 will start 1st May 2012 and its duration is 5 months.

Many of the Park’s activities involve outdoor mansions, beach activities and direct contact with the sea and its creatures.
VOLUNTEER’ S TASKS: All volunteers’ mansions will help the Park’s staff in the fields of: promotion and support to the Park’s activities of sustainable tourism, as the tours of sea observation (snorkelling, canoeing) offered to tourists, educational activities related to environmental conservation environmental monitoring, as spotting violations to the Park’regulations, and regular shift activity, environmental protection, as coordination in the Clean Up Days, waste-collecting tours on the Park’s powerboat.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Volunteers should be interested in the marine environment and have a passion for environmental conservation. Persons with a penchant for nautical activities as sailing and boating; and for those who love marine sports as canoeing, snorkelling, diving and swimming.

Selection interviews will be held via phone.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to evs.campanella@hotmail.com


Two volunteers for the project 2010-IT-78 managed by Associazione culturale LINK are looked for. The project will start in October 2012 and the duration is 10 months in Altamura (Italy).

VOLUNTEER’ S TASKS: meetings with students, associations, informal groups for promoting the Youth in Action Programme and the european values. Running a radio programme with music and news about Europe and youth; creating a monthly publication on youth topics.

Cultural events: organising thematic debates with movies, intercultural parties, etc. Creativity educational and envinromental workshops; workshops for learning the local history through games and manual activities. Inclusion workshops: by using non-formal education and different art techniques (painting, photography, video) for minorities, like immigrants and disabled people. Summer camps with sport activities in cooperation with local associations. International activities: help in the implementation of international projects, youth exchanges and seminars planned by the association during their project, documenting the activities and beying facilitators for the participants integration (for example they will be responsible for getting to know the city activities).

SELECTION CRITERIA: The project does not require any specific skills. Volunteers must be interested in the proposed activities, motivated to live an intercultural learning experience and have a spirit of adaptation. Skills and competences (related to languages, information technologies, practical or interpersonal abilities, etc..) already in possession of the volunteer will be appreciated, but will not affect the selection process.

Interested? Candidates can apply by sending their CV, motivation letter and picture to the address: link@linkyouth.org by the 15th of January 2012.

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