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Vacancies in Portugal EVS project about bird communication

January 9, 2012 | In: , ,

An environmental NGO in Lisbon, Portugal with reference number 2011-PT-11 is looking for volunteers for project with duration 6 months. The projects  takes place in SPEA.

TASKS FOR VOLUTNEERS: S/he will have the opportunity to participate in several fieldtrips, and thus, getting to know the birds of the region, and to participate in events and other activities that are open to every member of the staff.

The volunteer will be integrated in the Conservation Department (e.g. helping with fieldwork, data analysis), or more involved with the Environmental Citizenship and Communication Departments (e.g. helping the organization of congress, birdwatching activities). The volunteer will enhance the productivity of the departments in which they will be integrated on, as he/she will be integrated as part of the team.

SELECTION CRITERIA: S/he should be motivated, flexible, active and creative person. Volunteers are expected to develop new projects in the hosting associations and to relate positively to association members and visitors. Basic knowledge of English or Portuguese is advisable.

Interested? Send your CV and  the EVS application (ask for it here: evs@studentplus.ro) to: evs.host@rotajovem.com until the deadline 22th January 2012!

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