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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Austria

July 19, 2012 | In: , ,

There is an open call for 1 EVS vacancy for project with EI. Ref. 2012-AT-13 located in Wörgl, Austria.

Activities in hosting organisation Werkteam B.E.T.A. will start 5th June 2013 and duration of project is 1 year.

Werkteam B.E.T.A. is one of the 10 institutions of the VOLKSHILFE Tyrol organization, which exists for over 60 years, working in social affairs.

The main task of Werkteam B.E.T.A. is qualifying young people between 16 and 24 years for work. Most of them are drop-outs, have attended special schools, are delayed in their development than average teenagers, achieved only poor school marks or very bad reports and they face difficulties in getting a job.

All these youngsters are employed for one year within the Werkteam and get the possibility to mature and acquire qualifications for the job market. After this year they should be employed by companies where they have done a practical training during the year. Soft and hard skills are taught in the work with wood, metal, gardening or take over responsibilities of a caretaker or simple office duties. All these activities focus on the most realistic job situations, sometimes they even work for real companies.

For further information, please go to homepage of Coordinating Organisation Infoeck:

Activities of the volunteer: Get in contact with the target group and support them in their tasks. Main idea is to be with the youngsters – a person they can talk to, a person who is interested in their work, assist them with easy work (e.g. using the computer) or assist them in training school subjects (e.g. maths, communication, English), cook with them.

Furthermore the volunteer could accompany the youngsters, in particular if they are working outside, and when they go on excursions or if they go to a job interview. As most of the teenagers have some problems in integrate themselves in a social environment, the volunteer could be a helping hand in learning matters like these. If the volunteer has an awareness for gender problems the volunteer is welcome to implement such issues in his daily work as well.

Developing own ideas
Our daily work is to support and to empower young people to use their resources. We would like to invite the volunteer to develop and present his/her own ideas. Projects can be of different kinds and can either happen spontaneously or be long-lived e.g. cooking afternoon, developing and produce products with our young people. In this area there are no limitations of the volunteer’s ideas and imagination. Her/His skills, interests and projects can be offered to the youngsters and the local community.

Selection Criteria: Candidate should be person who is open, friendly and interested to communicate and listen to our participants. The volunteer should be interested in working with young, disadvanted people and social work. Also the person should be keen on doing skilled manual work cause the project offers skilled manual work for the participants. There are no considerations related to gender or religion.

Owing to the fact, that our clients in the workgroup are up to 24 years and to the experience of the staff members we pay attention if the volunteer has the maturation and a serious motivation to work with our target group.

Interested? Subscribe yourself to application before deadline 20th August 2012 (contact person: Sabine Platzer).

Procedure: steps for volunteers:

1) Visit homepage http://www.mei-infoeck.at/europa-weltweit/freiwilligendienst/volunteers/

2) read “EVS Information for Werkteam Beta”

3) fill out “Application form” and

4) send it directly to Werkteam Beta (mailadress is mentioned on homepage)

Shortlisted candidates will get a mail from Hosting organisation within a week. The candidate will be informed via mail at latest by Thursday, 30th August 2012.
Attention! To apply you need to login or register yourself.

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