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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in French Youth Hostel

June 12, 2012 | In: , ,

French Hosting Organisation ATRIUM Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs located in Tarbes, France. Project with EI. Ref.  2010-FR-7 starts 1st February 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

The volunteer will be in contact with the youth who stays at the Youth Hostel and Foyer de Jeunes Travailleurs and with the employees.

This proximity gives him/her the possibility to go further into his/her knowledge on the French culture, on the youth in general, our professional practice. Moreover, the presence of the volunteer is also very beneficial for the youth and the employees because s/he will be an example of the mobility around Europe.

Moreover s/he will find his/her place in the daily routine and he will be able to bring his views and his competences for the implementation of these various activities with the animation team.

Proposed Tasks for Volunteer: Several places and tools are available for the activities: 

The bar/cafeteria: a space of meetings and exchanges for our public. The organizers and the volunteer ensure the management and the animation with the young people. Every month, there is a meeting where a committee of inhabitants thinks about, propose and decide which activities they would prefer. It is also a privileged place for the course of these activities. The presence of the volunteer will be able to support the intercultural exchanges and the implication of the young people in projects, activities, various means of expression.

The multi-media room: Have functioned for two years and the volunteer will be able to seize this tool to initiate projects with the young people by the help of new technologies.

Activity hall : The inhabitants of the Youth Hostel and the Foyer are able to enter and use a room equipped with lights and sound, which could be perfect for music shows, theatre, or cine club. The volunteer, depending on its abilities and interests, will be able to make her/his proposal or to follow an existing project.

A touristic information area: for people welcomed in the Youth Hostel, but also for the inhabitants of the Foyer, has to be managed by the EVS. The new sight of the volunteer will also help to rediscover our touristic heritage. Moreover, participation in many different local events is scheduled: European day, Associations’ meeting, informing about EVS. The volunteer will be an example of European mobility for the youth, the local collectivity and our different partners.

We will encorage the volunteer to develop a personal project, based on his interests and skills and will provide all the support needed.

The volunteer will work 5 days over 7, 35 hours a week, with 2 consecutive days off. Of course, a planning is discussed with the volunteer at its arrival, and can be modified, depending on the wishes of the volunteer.

Selection Criteria:
Candidate should be with relational abilities, creative and dynamic, who would like to work in a team, really motivated person, interested into animation with young people from 17 to 30.

Interested? Send your application including filled out questionnaire avaible in the bottom of this page: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=evs-volunteeer-in-foyer-des-jeunes-travailleurs CV with photo, motivaiton letter to animation@fjt-tarbes.fr (contact person: Paulina Tomczyk) until 30th June 2012.

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