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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

March 15, 2012 | In: , ,

One of the main objectives of the project (Ref. no. 2010-DE-157) is to allow positive experience of children with young people from another culture.

The project is a Montessori-Kindergarten, where the volunteers gain basic knowledge in Montessori pedagogics and early childhood education.

The project is located in Bad Sulza, a small town with 3000 inhabitants,
with good access to public transport (train).

The volunteers are cared by a local tutor, but also by the coordinating
organisation IFAP trough central meetings and events.

During the first month the focus will be on learning the language and
getting to know the environment and the activities and daily routine
currently going on. The volunteer will assist the pedagogic staff in the
Montessori-Kinderhaus during the whole daily activities. We expect the
volunteer to be able to help in the assigned tasks. Of course we provide
monitoring along the way, but the will to work with children has to be one
of the characteristics of the volunteer.

The volunteer should have the strong will in working with children. The volunteer should meet this basic criteria, but also come with own ideas for small single projects (dance, theater, painting, dancing with the kids). By doing so we also see more of the interests of every single volunteer and get a better basis for our decision which volunteer to select. One important criteria is that the volunteer should play an instrument and/or
has good knowledge of her/his own culture (games, songs, dances, … ) to be able to teach this to the children.

Please send us your CV and specific (project-related) motivation letter.
We want to know why you want to work for 12 months with small children.

Deadline: 10.04.2012

Website: http://www.bad-sulza.de/de/buergerservice/sozialeinrichtungen/montessori-kinderhaus

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