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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

February 29, 2012 | In: , ,

The Karl-Schubert-Schule Leipzig” is offering the project with the Ref.no. 2011-DE-202. The Rudolf Steiner school is an emerging innovative and integrational school, which offers an education based on Waldorf pedagogy for the years one to twelve for children with and without disabilities (unique in Leipzig). By living and learning together with children of different abilities our students can acquire a substantial measure of social competences and learn and develop from each other. Philanthropy, empathy, mutual help and cooperation are the fundamental principles of our work, whilst preserving individuality.

Waldorf pedagogy

Waldorf pedagogy aspires a holistic education of the child where body, soul and spirit are taken equally into account, and includes learning through practical activities such as drawing, music, Eurythmy and handicraft with fabrics and wood.The atmosphere is marked by cordial, intimate and enthusiastic cooperation.


Leipzig lies in the Northwest of the Free State of Saxony, about an hour’s drive from the capital, Berlin. Leipzig can boast circa one million visitors per annum who enjoy its multifaceted cultural events and lively atmosphere.


Possible tasks for the volunteers are: organizing games and handcraft work for the children in the after-school care facility (and we welcome games and songs from other countries introduced by the volunteers); guiding the children through the school day; independent little projects with the aim of acquainting the children with the volunteer’s country of origin; helping out in the school gardens and with the animal care; school-outings and school-festivities, where the volunteer can introduce specialities from his or her country.


The volunteer should enjoy working with children, be open-minded and interested in Steiner-pedagogy and our inclusive approach and he/she should be comfortable with working independently. A basic knowledge of German is essential. The volunteers should also be willing and ready to engage hands-on in our communal project of developing a young school. All volunteers must first apply to the coordinating organisation until 15th April 2012 and will then be assesed by our own admission team.


For more information about the project, your tasks and the application

process visit our website 

Contact person:

<http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowPerson.aspx?Person=leisa-gmbh-die-villa-in-germany> LeISA GmbH Die VILLA

Coordinating organisation:

<http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowOrganisation.aspx?Organisation=leisa-gmbh–soziokulturelles-zentrum-die-villa> LeISA GmbH Soziokulturelles Zentrum Die VILLA

Host: Karl-Schubert-Schule, Leipzig:


Cornelia Franke

Phone: 0049-341-35 52 04-21

Email:<http://www.jahr-fuer-europa.de/voluntary-service-in-leipzig/about-the-project/> application@jahr-fuer-europa.de

Skype: evs-leipzig

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