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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Polish Christian Educational Association

July 20, 2012 | In: , ,

Hosting Organisation Christian Educational Association located in Zielona Góra, Poland (details avaible here: http://www.salomon.edu.pl/) is looking for EVS volunteers.
Project with EI. Ref. 2010-PL-28 is starting 1st September 2012 and its duration is 1 year. Join the EVS team (beside you, there is going to be German girl /19).

Proposed Tasks:
The volunteers will work with the teacher responsible for the extracurricular activities. In the initial phase they will assist in conducting those activities. Wherever possible, responsibilities will be expanded in such a way that a volunteer can prepare her/himself to have the classes her/himself.
The types of activities: European Workshop – in these classes children learn about history and culture of European Union and its countries. Math Workshop – during these classes children will learn the logical thinking through playing various logic games, including chess and mathematical tasks. Theater workshops – during these activities children prepare short theater performances in English, which are then presented during the cycle of school events. Art workshops – during the workshops children prepare various costumes, scenery, which are then used in school plays. Vocal Workshops – in these classes children train their voice skills, learn different songs, with an emphasis on teaching foreign language songs. Music workshopschildren learn to play musical instruments – guitar, piano, keyboards. Language Workshops – classes in the language of the country of origin of the volunteer – the volunteer will conduct activities her/himself.
Day room activities- the classes for children – playing various educational games.

Writing a BLOG:
The volunteer has to write his own experiences at least once a week. Peparation for special events: Thanksgiving, Nativity play, Carnival ball, winter break classes, Family Day, Volunteer Day, European Union Knowledge contest and English Language contest called “English is fun”
Volunteer Day will be prepared in each country because after the return of the volunteers in their Sending Organizations will prepare Volunteer Day – an event to publicize the project results. 

Organizations will receive for this purpose appropriate additional funds from the budget of the pubicizing and exploitation of results. Moreover, Sending
Organizations will receive a quarterly newsletter informing about the project and on completion of the project calendars from the project to publicize the project results in their countries.

Interested? Please send us CV and motivation letter please use interesting form(you can prepare power point Motivation letter) until deadline 31st July 2012 (contact person: Mariusz Socha).

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