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Polish kindergarden is looking EVS volunteer for Eco-Edu and Artistic activities

March 9, 2012 | In: , ,

Polish kindergarden in Krakow http://www.p83.com.pl/ is looking for 2 EVS volunteers. Project with REF. no 2010-PL-11 will start 1st October 2012 and its duration is 9 months.

Main aim of this project is to increase ecological awareness among children and connected with this idea of environment and nature protection. Work of the volunteers will include working with children 5 and 6 years old.

Tasks: Volunteers will prepare and implement multileveled program about environment care and waste recycling. In April each year kindergarten organises countrywide plastic contest “Save the Environment” connected with celebration of “Days of Earth in Cracow”.

Each of the volunteers, who will take part in our project, to prepare (before coming to Poland) a plastic work presenting attitude towards waste recycling in chosen country of the European Union. Through this actions volunteers will make the problem of ecological awareness in other countries closer, and that they will inspire kindergartners and their parents to new ideas how to care about ecological environment.

Beside the main theme of the project which is ecology and art, volunteers will be also involved in pedagogical aspects of the project through presenting spending time with children.

Volunteers will realize their own ideas during activities in which children take active part. We would like volunteers to take active part in the classes, where they can teach (in their native language) kindergartners some songs, poems or common games what will help children to know other languages in simple way.

Selection Criteria: Candidates should be with interest in ecology and it would be great advantage if they will have an artistic nature. The experiences in the work with the children will be very good. The volunteer should be an open, creative, easy-going person, self reliant and good communicator. Sending Organizations will be coordinating the first type of selection.

Final selection is made by Hosting Organizations, with cooperation with Coordinating Organization (STRIM). This final selection is based on more detailed research and matching particular volunteers with their destination project.  It is also important to chose volunteers with different skills, so that they can create individual projects on different fields.

Interested? Send your CV, motivation letter and POLAND_EVS3 form to utylski.l@gmail.com (contact person: Łukasz Utylski) until 31st March 2012.

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