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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Polish project “Children multicultural education”

August 27, 2012 | In: , ,

Hosting oganisation Jugendkulturarbeit eV located in Krakow, Poland is looking for EVS volunteer. Project with EI. Ref. 2011-PL-3 will start 1st October 2012 and its duration is 9 months.

Within th project Children multicultural education 10 volunteers will work in different kindergartens, youth clubs and associations in Krakow. Some of them will be working with children with fewer opportunities – one kindergarten group with disabled children.

Basically the volunteers will have two main tasks, first one will be taking active participation in daily life of their organization, and second will be to promote their own cultures and countries, and also intercultural dimension of their projects. We do think that it is worth to start such intercultural learning from the early beginning of children education – in kindergartens and primary schools, as for some children this will be first, and sometimes he only contact with people from different countries. By volunteers working in same field, but in different Hosting Organizations, they will be able to exchange experiences, and maybe help each other to be more inventive. The junction between all these volunteers will be STRIM Association itself.

The volunteers will have possibility to organize their meetings there, during which they can discuss their working methods, daily work, ideas and reflections. They will also take active participation in all our international and national activities. During such events the volunteers will have great possibility to widen heir knowledge about membership in the European Union, Intercultural Learning and non-formal education issues. The Strim volunteer will be responsible to write down all constructive outcomes of these meetings, rewriting them and then printing and also putting on his blog

Proposed Tasks
Generally the main activities for our volunteers will be to promote his country and culture, and also help teachers in a everyday activities. Volunteers can show our children and also the teachers and parents his culture and history of his country by making board bulletin, prepare articles for our paper “The echo of our kindergarten” and have an influence on our web-page. S/he can also organised games, plays, singing song and telling traditional stories to children. We give opportunities to present all
information about his country, culture and language for example we want to organised Volunteers Day, and also one day in each month with knowing his language; one day in month with traditional kitchen.

Another important thing is that volunteer can take part in all varied annual or occasional events. We trying to have good contact both parents and local community, so very often we are organisedmeetings, picnics, festivals, competitions, trips etc. Of course the volunteer will be able to participate in those activities.

About more casual activities, we want the volunteer to share in most our meetings, help (both teachers and children) in daily activities, engage in competition etc. Before it, it’ll be necessary to know better the director, teachers, staff and whole organization – during the first period we will try to present as much as possible.

Selection criteria: Candidate should be a person with a positive attitude, kindness and those who are interested in work with children. The volunteer should also be easy-going, open and friendly. It would be desirable that the volunteer has give some musical, theatre/actor or art abilities, but it is not necessary. Also it would be nice to have person who like to work in group and cooperate with the rest of the staff. But the most important thing is to be responsible and conscious that workingwith children have influence on their mental development, and maybe the work can be difficult, but mostly it brings a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Interested? Send your CV with picture and Motivation letter to strim@strim.org.pl (contact person: Davide Leonardi) not later than 10th September 2012. Skype-interview in cooperation with Coordinating and Hosting organization will follow then.

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