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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Portugese non-formal education project for youth and seniors

July 31, 2012 | In: , ,

EVS project with EI ref. 2011-PT-5 and title “EUR@CTION IN CARNIDE III” is looking for 4 EVS volunteers. Activities for hosting organisation Junta de Freguesia de Carnide (details: http://www.jf-carnide.pt/) will start 1st February 2013 and duration of project is 9 months.

The hosting institution, Junta de Freguesia de Carnide is the local administrative unit of the Carnide area in Lisbon. The volunteers are going to work mainly in three of the Junta’s departments and their tasks will depend on the department they are assigned to.

Proposed Tasks:

http://www.jf-carnide.pt/xms/xmsImg.php?src=Evv%3AJII%E9%E9%E9oT%F1p%C9n%23tsr%EDo%3AvI%C3quIr%C2sqnD%EDuIxwtvnHr%EDH%CD%23%EDDw%EDusnIg%C9vsYsrnr%EDuIgL040083o1oT%3AD&w=120&h=150&zc=T3&q=85&fltr[]=usm&aoe=1SENIOR ACADEMY (1 volunteer) : cooperate with Senior Academy’s volunteers and Coordinators •Support the cultural and recreational activities promoted in the Academy such as language and dance classes •Promote and implement cultural and recreational workshops for the seniors(ex: language teaching workshop, dance,handicrafts..) •Participate and support the Organization of Senior’s Arraial (Popular party) •Support to organization and implementation of cultural visits; •Participate in Elder’s summer colonies;

In particular the volunteer will be involved in the planning and programming of activities developed in the Senior Academy and participate in them,by providing support to the Coordinators and volunteers and also through the preparation of own workshop initiatives with the Elders.

The volunteer will also collaborate in the organization of cultural visits and recreational activities outdoors for the Seniors as well as provide support for the logistics and company to the Seniors.

http://www.jf-carnide.pt/xms/xmsImg.php?src=Evv%3AJII%E9%E9%E9oT%F1p%C9n%23tsr%EDo%3AvI%C3quIr%C2sqnD%EDuIQn%23tsr%EDIgD%EDtrnHr%EDH%CAY%EDtv%2FuIA%D1-H8343go1oT%3AD&w=180&h=&zc=T3&q=85&fltr[]=usm&aoe=1EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (2 volunteers) •Cooperate with the Education Coordinating Team •Cooperate with the Trainers •Facilitate and promote activities for children and school community •Elaborate and implement new projects in the area of education In particular, the volunteer will give support to families, children and youngsters in activities related to curricular improvement.

They will also participate in organization of the children’s popular marches,the “Expressions Fair” event and the summer animations. The volunteer will be present in all of the educational projects developed during their stay.

CULTURE DEPARTMENT (1 volunteer) •Cooperate with the Culture Coordinating Team •Participate in organization of cultural events and activities for the local community •Cooperate with formal and informal groups in the area of culture •Elaborate and implement of new projects in the area of culture In specific,the volunteer will help with the regular cultural events (exhibitions,debates,book launches and presentations,theater plays,concerts,etc.) in several spaces of the Junta de Freguesia,namely the Culture Center of Carnide,bandstand and parish historical center,Espaço Bento Martins and Carnide’s Arts Market.They will also support the organization of Carnide’s popular marches and celebrations and implement cultural activities in the several neighborhoods of the of the Carnide area.

Selection Criteria: Candidate should be open minded, eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, as well as to participate in the proposed project activities with the local community. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, but to have positive and proactive attitude, show tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm. Priority will be given to candidates who are having at least a basic level of Portuguese and are residents in a programme country of the Youth in Action programme.

Coordinating Organization: Associação Spin, Lisbon (2012-PT-21)

Interested? Send your application consisting of: CV + project-specific motivation letter until deadline 24th August 2012 to evsjunta.spin@gmail.com! Contact person: Associacao Spin and  Coordinating organisation: Associacao Spin para o Intercambio Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos

By the 31st of August all applicants will be informed through email about the results of the pre-selection process, whereas the preselected ones will be also invited for a video conference.

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