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Wanna be technician for concerts? Web/graphic designer? Instructor for artistic workshops? Apply for EVS in Slovenia!

April 2, 2012 | In: , ,

Slovenian non-profit and non-governmental local youth organization Zavod O in Škofja Loka, Slovenia (details avaible here http://www.zavodo.org/) is looking for 3 EVS volunteers. Project with EI ref. ??? will start 1st September 2012 and its duration is 1 year.

It is made for the purpose of supporting, organizing and establishing youth activities in the areas of culture, informatics and informational youth service, youth leisure, sport, tourism, voluntary work, international youth activities and publishing.

Through offering a wide range of activities in various areas of interest Zavod O promotes Voluntary work,
active participation and a feeling of responsibility for creating their own environment amongst young

Proposed Tasks for volunteers:
MKC Pri Rdeči Ostrigi is a Youth Center specialized in organizing cultural events such as concerts, festivals, (theme) parties, movie evenings, exhibitions, jam sessions, comedy, theater plays, travel lectures.

Possible activities for the volunteer: technican (sound system,lights, preperations of concert hall and stage), maintenance of the place outside and inside, Organization of events, support of the section during big events, workshops, EVS nights, own performances/projects.

MMC Pulsar is the Multimedia Center providing free Internet access, ICT equipment, access of information to everyone in the Gorenjska region and offers education and training in the field of multimedia – organized as courses, workshops and video projections.

Possible volunteers activities for: graphic design of PR material (leaflets, posters), help to administrators, involved in organizing program in mmc (workshops, courses), video production, postproduction, webpage editing, multimedia events,gamers sessions, web and 2d/3d design, animation, organizing digital art gallery, your own inter/multimedia projects.

Atelje CLOBB is devoted to the development of artistic and creative skills of all generations. The Center offers a lot of space, material and opportunities for individual and common work in the various fields of visual art (painting, sculpturing, tape art, drawing, printing, photography).

Possible activities for the volunteer: taking care of the place, supporting visitors in the working process, creation of scene decoration for Ostriga events,designing poster and flyers for events, realization of own workshops or artistic projects, support during big events,artistic creation organization of exhibitions, workshops,lectures…

Zavod O International is coordinating international projects like EVS and Youth Exchanges, cooprerating with different organization in Europe. Possible activities for the volunteer: promotion of international projects (through webpage, facebook page, events…), coordination of our International network, promotion and support of Zavod O EVS Sending activities,developing own project.

Weekly shedule: 3 days in one of the sections, 2 days in other section, according to interest (please indicate for which section you are applying!)

Selection Criteria: Candidates should be flexible and open minded, ready to live in a small town. S/he should be able to communicate in English.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to international@zavodo.org (contact person: Matjaž Vouk) until 16th April 2012. Only applications particularly for Zavod O will be checked.

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