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Volunteer in youth centre working with music bands needed for EVS project in Slovenia

January 16, 2012 | In: , ,

Youth Centre JEDRO in Slovenia is looking for 2- 3 EVS volunteers for project with Reference Number 2011-SI-62.

It will start 3rd September 2012 project has duration of 6 months.

The volunteer would be working in:

1. youth club Jedro, 2. rehearsal place for music bands and recording studio, 3. office place equipped with video equipment and computers.


– working with youngsters and kids in daily centre (assistance in learning English, to help implement projects with preventive contents, introduction of new volunteers in the daily centre, children’s program manager),
– organization of various events (travelogues, lectures, panel discussions, film evenings, concerts and other cultural events, sporting events)
– work with new volunteers (supporting regular meetings with volunteers, the introduction of various social games, to help rewarding volunteers)
program manager in the Youth club Jedro.

In the context of sporting activities, s/he can be coordinator for sports events and activities  (for example: mini league) and responsible for Walking tour sections called Zlati Gojzar.

In the context of cultural and artistic activities, s/he can development visual images of Youth club Jedro, work as a tutorial coordinator (working with music bands), recording, be head of the art section (and the head of galleries at the Youth club). S/he could be invited to participate in creating our monthly magazine called Dlake na jeziku as a writer of a column or an editor or as a part of the design team. We will give him a chance to create and / or run his own project, which could be part of our activities of totally separated.

SELECTION CRITERIA: S/he should have a greater interest in working with young people, that is self-initiative, enthusiastic, has good skills for working in team, is sensitive in social situations and knows how to accept the challenge.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to info@mcmedvode.si until deadline 19th January 2012.

Preselected candidates will be contacted through Skype – for a selection interview with a set of questions based on their responses:
(1) Why do you want to cooperate with  YC?,
(2) What do you think how Slovenians and their culture is like?,
(3) What do you think you can gain from us?,
(4) What can you contribute to our organization?,
(5) Do you already have some ideas for your own project?,
(6) What kind of a person as a second volunteer would you like to work with?

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