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Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Spanish Youth Department of Municipality Council

July 9, 2012 | In: , ,

Spanish hosting organisation Ayuntamiento de Albacete Concejalía de Juventud located in Albacete is looking for 5 EVS volunteers.
Project with EI. Ref. 2012-ES-77 will start 8th January 2013 and its duration is 1 year.

The Youth department of Council of Albacete is the municipal department that develops local youth policies.

The aims of this project are:
– To facilitate the social participation of youth in the development of the city.
– To promote the experimentation in youth as a way of non-formal learning.
– To provide quality information to young people to support the design of their courses to adulthood.
– To prevent risks associated with youth behavior.
– To make progress in the quality of programs and services for youth.

Proposed Tasks For Volunteers:
The volunteers will support activities in the Youth Area of the City Council of Albacete. Their collaboration will be focusing on tasks related to information and promotion of activities and spaces for youngest. They will participate in the following activities:

1. Support Young Volunteer Project: Motivation, information and awareness of young people towards volunteering and participation. Information and guidance to young people about European Voluntary Service. Organization and encouragement of the different voluntary activities from municipal projects.

2. Support Youth Mobility Project: Participation in the development of events to promote youth mobility. Participation in the development of “Hello Europe” group, a conversational exchange program. Information about European resources for youth.

3. Support Youth Information Centre: Development the tasks in direct contact with young people and always with the support of center staff. Participation in all training activities carried out by the center during their stay. Preparation with center staff an information dossier about European youth policies. Deal young people interested in these projects and information about the real possibilities of participation in them. Distribution of youth information through the website of the center in particular and Internet in general, finding information over the Internet.

4. Support Youth Centers Network: Assessment of needs according to the activities proposed by the associations. Support for youth groups from the center in carrying out these activities: planning, implementation and monitoring of these activities. Coordination of available resources. Contact the Youth Center to distribute the information generated by this and distribution of the information received among young people and associations. Organization and distribution of rooms for weekly activities. Statistical control of the loan of material.

The volunteer will work in coordination with the coordinator and the team motivator of the center and they will provide their experience to the daily work of the center, while their Degree of involvement will determine the success of the project to a large.

Selection Criteria: will have to comply with the requirements conditions in the JEA program. The process will be open to any young adult (18-29 years). Next skills will be consider positive for the projects: Knowledge of office software programs, Spanish, English, social and communication skills, active listening skills, focus on aid, knowledge of promoting and animation youth, new technologies, youth information and Youth European Programs.

Interested? Each candidate has to send an application form, CV and motivation letter before 15th of August 2012 at: voluntariado@ayto-albacete.es (contact person: Ms Esperanza Zornoza Martínez).

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