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Video Poetry Contest “I Am From”

October 25, 2011 | In: , ,

Building on International Peace Day and the start of the Global Citizen Corps 2011 action calendar published open call for challenge you to tell your story,  where you are from.

Prize: Five random poems will be selected from the videos submitted over the next 30 days and winners will receive a brand new flip camera.

Introduce yourselves by exploring the elements of your families and communities that have shaped you. This poem is simple to write and powerful to read. Our cultures are made up of ordinary, everyday people, places, activities and objects. These poems invite you to share the ordinary details of your everyday world that you find most meaningful.

Criteria for Submission

Everyone can participate in this contest.
Sound Quality: • Can hear and understand the speaker
• Speaker is speaking slowly and clearly and No background noise
Video Quality: • Clear Image
• Can see the person speaking, Focused and looking at the camera
• Speaker is fully in the frame (not cut off at the neck of the joints)
• Not too much back lighting Speaker or moving around

SUGGESTED Criteria for Submission

• Does the Poem provide you with a glimpse into the speaker’s life, culture,and community?
Innovation and Creativity
• Did the filmmaker use creativity to deliver his or her poem without compromising the video content?
• Is the poem original? • Is the poem powerful?

How to apply?

1. Write a poem
2. Record your poetry reading in a quiet place.
3. Post video to Youtube of Vimeo and make it Public.
4. Copy the link from your YOUTUBE.
5. Login to www.globlacitizencorps.org
6. Click ‘Create Video’
7. Add Video Title: Country, City, First Name.
8. Paste link under Video

The deadline for the application is 31 October 2011.

Read more here: http://globalcitizencorps.org/iamfrom

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