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VITAVA, Polish day centre is looking for EVS volunteers

August 1, 2012 | In: , ,



Centre for Youth Cooperation and Mobility located in Gdynia, Poland is looking for 3 EVS volunteers. Project with EI. REF. EI nr 2009-PL-13 will start 1st July 2013 and its duration is 1 year.

PROPOSED TASKS: Helping in therapeutic workshops for youth and kids as a support person. Help in homeworks and organizing/running games and thematic workshops for youth and/or kids and if wanted running independent workshops. Assisting in organizing events as well. And help im meal preparations for the charges.

Volunteer will work in day-care centre for children and youth from families “with problems”. Volunteer will help with daily activities of the centre, taking care of children and youth and organizing activities for them.

Selection Criteria: A volunteer should be interested in the work with children and youth. S/he should be an open person, willing to share with his/her culture. A volunteer should like to develop and improve his/her skills and abilities, be open for experiments, have some hobbies/interests and like to share with them when organizing some activities for children. The volunteer should be interested and open-minded to contribute with his/her own creativity in the organization’s work and willingly develop his/her personality. It is welcome if the volunteer has basic English and/or Russian language skills and is willing to study Polish, which would help a lot in the daily live of a volunteer. Both male and female volunteers are wanted.

Interested? Candidates for volunteers should download application form from the web -page www.cwm.org.pl and send to tatiana@cwm.org.pl before deadline 31st August 2012 to (contact person: Magdalena Herszkowicz)

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