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Voluntar EVS in Barcelona 2014, FAGIC

August 23, 2013 | In: ,


Organizatia gazda: Federació d’Associacions Gitanes de Catalunya (FAGIC)

Start proiect: feb 2014

Durata: 9 luni

Aplica acum trimitandu-ne CV-ul in EN pe adresa evs@studentplus.ro mentionand proiectul curent.

Volunteers will form part of the technical team and will work under the same conditions. They will have a personal computer and access to all resources of the organisation. Most of the work is done in the office, but they will also be involved in outdoor activities. Volunteers will participate in projects and/or activities related with European projects. They will participate in activities (workshops, events, conferences, sessions) in Barcelona and its province. They will also participate in punctual annual activities: International Roma Day (April), Cultural Sessions (October), Prizes FAGIC (June), Celebration of the Memorandum of the Victims of the Holocaust (January).

The office in the city area of La Pau, in Barcelona. This working area is a key element to carry out our actions as it is one of the areas with the highest number of Roma people (La Mina in El Barcelonés, a couple of minutes away from our premises). With this, we are near the people and we can offer them counselling and help them with the resolution of conflicts.

FAGIC is in the building “Piramidón”, a 17-storey-sky scraper built in 1971. It currently hosts different cultural, neighbour and social organisations, such as the adult school of La Pau, a Civic Centre and a Contemporary Art Museum.

The crossing of the Ramblas de Prim and Guipuscoa and the metro station are a central, commercial and civic area, example of the enormous improvement of the quality of life in a city in the past years.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
All activities of volunteers will be done with the assistance and supervision of a mentor, who will teach them and guide them with all their tasks and projects and promote their learning process. Volunteer’s tasks:

European projects
” Search of calls
” Feasibility studies
” Submit projects
” Planning
” Technical and logistic management
” Participation in the area of news/events/international information: web site, bulletin,… (search of information, communication and news about the Roma people in Europe and the world).
Communication (via e-mail, telephone) with our partners.
” Management of the schedule.

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