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Voluntari EVS pentru Belgia, proiectul “Sacre Coeur” 2014

August 23, 2013 | In: ,

muziekweek_07Organizatia: AFS-Heilig Hart Dienstverleningscentrum (Centru de zi pentru persoane cu dizabilitati intelectuale)

Localitatea: Deinze, Belgia

Perioada Feb 1st-Aug 1st, 2014

Termen de aplicare: 1o sept. 2013

CV-ul in EN sau FR se trimite pe adresa de email: evs@studentplus.ro

Deinze is a rather moderate town with about 30000 inhabitants. There is a youth centre where lots of activities are organised. There are lots of cafes and places to go out. There is also a train station and lots of busses with connection to Ghent, the closest big town. Brussels is about 45 minutes away.
In Deinze, there are a lot of youngsters and organisations the volunteer can participate in.
AFS, the coordinating organisation, will provide a host family for the participant, as we strongly believe that this is the best introduction to the Flemish culture and a great opportunity to integrate in the local community. The host family will provide lodging and food. They will be living close to the project and will be Dutch-speaking. AFS encourages the host family to use Dutch as a communication language with the volunteer, to help him/her to practise the Dutch language.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
The volunteers will mostly help with leisure activities and help with the meals. Some examples are: ‘snoezelen’ (a method to make the people aware of the surroundings and different senses), walking, swimming, horse-riding, cooking, massages, bicycle-riding/go-carts, music : sound bowls, didgeridoo, working with different materials, create some things with guidance, computer,…
All weekdays : (general) Helping with the education and nursing of people with a mental handicap.
– 10%: helping in a group : support giving breakfast and lunch, little household jobs,
– 10 %: entertaining the people in their free time (eg. the moments where disabled people are waiting because the educators have to wash or feed another child/adult.): this can be done with the toys already made by the centre or with little games. The people working in the centre have experience with this and can help out the volunteers with this. The volunteer can also use certain workboxes that the centre developed (working with certain themes, eg. Sound, Touching, etc.). The volunteer can, if he or she is creative, develop own boxes, together with the disabled people from the centre. Helping to create toys, which are easy to handle for people with a motor/mental handicap.
– 15%: helping in a class (children) or activity group (adults). – 10% attending meetings, planning activities (while the people are resting).
– 25 % supporting activities: Snoezelen (Dutch word, non translatable, but means: working on the senses of the people with light, sound, touching, etc. The centre developed an own ‘Snoezel’ room with all sorts of equipment), walking, swimming, horse-riding, riding with bicycles, massages, music (listening to relax, or even playing instruments), cooking, … The organisation has its own activity groups where occupation therapists work with the people with a handicap on a professional basis.
– 30 % General activities: Helping to decorate the living areas and therapy rooms. Going along with day trips (to the coast, woods, luna parks …): About every two weeks there are trips outside of the centre. Attending big happenings inside the institution (Open doors Day, special theme Day, etc.)
In holidays:giving more activities (no class anymore) & when the weather is good : lot’s of walks, bicycle rides,..
Within the last two parts (supporting activities and general activities), the volunteer can develop a personal project. There are occupation therapists and staff members to organise those activities, but when the volunteer feels comfortable after a while, he or she can develop something personal. He or she will get time and space to do this.
AFS, the coordinating organisation, will provide Dutch language lessons for the volunteer. These lessons will be given by an experienced teacher and will be organised in a central place that is easy to reach by public transport. The lessons will be organised weekly in the first weeks of the project.

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