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Volunteer Center of Kielce (Poland) is looking for EVS volunteers

January 9, 2012 | In: , ,

Volunteer Center of Kielce with Reference number 2011-PL-261 is looking for 2 motivated volunteers.

Main goal of the Volunteer Centre is to promote volunteering and to support volunteers in our region. We are working with all the people that are ready to work for other organizations, people or their environment as a volunteers. Our office is providing the job agency for volunteers. We are also helping to the volunteers to work with their projects or coaching their own initiatives and local activities.

Volunteers interested in work for programs, projects and specific actions will have the chance to learn how does initiatives works, occasion to learn from staff and experience the work with other volunteers.

Interested? Send your CV and motivation letter to kielce@wolontariat.org.pl until APPLICATION DEADLINE is 10 of Jan 2012.

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