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EVS volunteering in Republic of Moldova

February 14, 2012 | In: , ,

Hosting organisation Miras-Moldova http://www.miras.md/ located in  Comrat. Gagauzia region is looking for EVS volunteer. The project “Equal Chances for a Decent Future”will start 10th July 2012 and its duration will be 6 months.

Hosting organisation is looking for partners from the Programme Countries wishing to send the EVS volunteers in Moldova. EU reference number 2011-PL-211

Tasks for future volunteers: The project “Equal Chances for a Decent Future” with support of our contact point in EVS “Miras Moldova”. Support work with disabled children or orphans and young people, to take them into community and to spend a year with them. Volunteers will work primarily with children’s from 6-17 years old. Also volunteers can work in a branch of the Centre in another community. To work with target group on individual programs, where the most important component is to prepare them to independent life in society. S/he will provide child health services, according to the needs of children – from personal hygiene, healthcare, housing, literacy classes, psychological evaluation, to cultural activities (music festivals, music classes and handiwork) and sports.

Interested? Send your CV and motivations letters with subject EVS in “Miras-Moldova” to miras.moldova@gmail.com until 1st April 2012.

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