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Volunteer needed for EVS project “Childhood is not a privilege” in Moldova

July 12, 2012 | In: , ,

Moldovian hosting organisation Miras-Moldova (http://www.miras.md) located in Ciadir-Lunga, Republic of Moldova is looking for EVS volunteer.

Project with EI Ref. 2011-PL-208 is starting 1st September 2012 and its duration is 7 months.

The project“Childhood is not a privilege” will run in Ciadir-Lunga Boarding School.

The volunteers would be of great help to our organisation in running more efficiently our projects and generally would be very opportune to the country as a whole considering the fact that Moldova is still getting acquainted to the western style of thinking, working and dealing with the social problems.

Proposed Tasks for Volunteers:
The aim of the project is: assist children in difficult situations and in need of special support and care, to draw attention to the socially vulnerable children, to provide children with love, and a family-type of care and support. In the center children are working on building a personal and social life with the help of local counterparts. The volunteers will take part (under the social worker’s supervision) by helping with homework, the school and evening program at the school. The volunteer must show imagination and resolve in these crucial moments against which the child rebels sometimes. He will also be present during the meals and during the different extra curricular activities (cultural, artistic or sports) within the group.
Interested? Candidates should send their CVs and motivations letters to miras.moldova@gmail.com before deadline: 31/07/2012! Please, mark subject: EVS in “Miras-Moldova.

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