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Volunteer needed for French Voluntary civil service

February 27, 2012 | In: , ,

Bureau Information Jeunesse St Claude in Dole, France is looking for volunteer. Project will start 1st April 2012 and end of it will be 15st January 2013.

MJC is a 1200-members association providing different activities for children and youngsters, and managing the local cinema. The youth sector is increasing the number of members.

Volunteer’ s Tasks: In the framework of the French Voluntary civil service, the volunteer will work in a team and participate to the access to new technologies. S/he will facilitate the access to people who can not access to them usually. Volunteer will facilitate the creation of links between generations, thanks to new technologies and will help users in their access to informatic devices.

S/he will also participate to the communication of the association: will facilitate information about the activities s/he will participate to the evolution of communication of the youth sector of the association s/he will facilitate exchanges between youngsters and the association.

Volunteer will participate to the implementation of new activities and facilitate the creation of new activities as well as participate to youth activities.

As a civil volunteer, you will receive about 550€ monthly, we will help you to find a cheap accomodation nearby.

Interested? Please contact Philippe Doyen phimjc@gmail.com until 20th March 2012.

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