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Would you like to participate in EVS in Italy or in Germany?

October 11, 2011 | In: , ,

Because of deadline for appyling EVS project is soon, there are another two offers for EVS projects. Both will start in February 2012.


There are three hosting organisations that looking for EVS volunteers in duration 10-12 months.

1. Heilpädagogische Gemeinschaft Kirchhain is focused in work with mentally handicapped children and volunteers who will work and live with them and youngsters in the living community, organize leisure-time activities for them and help with every-day activities.

2. Elisabethheim Havetoft is focused in admission and accompanying, support and furthering the indepedence of children and youths who need help in their upbringing. Volunteers will be involved in project work with the youngsters, in daycare unit or in one of the living communities, guidance on constructive use of leisure time.

3. Gemeinnutzige Kinderforderung GmbH also focused in work with mentally handicapped children. Volunteer’s activities will be promoting the indepedence of youngsters as well as intercultural aspects mainly during afternoon and evening.

If you are interested, please send your CV, photo and motivation letter in English (or if possible in German) by mail to mirka.schulz@via-ev.org.



Associazione del Volontariato Comasco, Centro Servizi per il Volontariato is looking for volunteers in projcet that will run 11 months.

Volunteer will be involved in promotion voluntary work among young people via support the realization of promoting active citizenship and the effective participation (workcamps, promotional campaigns); taking part in educational projects about culture of solidarity and human rights (workshops in the schools with children, meetings with teenagers and adults); support in the realization of events and cultural manifestation (meeting, festivals, voluntary feasts), helping to prepare promotional materials (cd roms, videos, leaflefts and brochures).

Trailer of last year Parade of par Tücc in Como town (promoting voluntary work)

If you are interested in this project, send your CV and motivattion letter in English to: laura.fagetti@csv.como.it.

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February 6th, 2012 at 9:36 am

Hi, thanks for your interest. For communication about EVS projects we use this email evs@studentplus.ro. If you are Romanian, we could manage personal meeting and as well this Friday we have got an event, where details about different projects will be presented, so you are welcommed: https://www.voluntar-timisoara.ro/welcome-evs-volunteers-bine-ati-venit-voluntari-sev/