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Youth Exchange In Netherlands: Last Day For Applying

October 10, 2011 | In: , ,

Learn to meet and recognize yourself and others, no matter of nationality, religion, color. What to do? DANCE!

10th October 2011 is a last day for applying for participation in Youth Exchange with themes of Solidarity, Art and Culture. It will take place in Dutch town Ommen.


Young people will be involved in various activities to learn practical tools for softer dance, build trust in one another, experiment with different styles of dance and music, create and be in a certain character, create choreographies and through dance get to know themselves and others.

International Youth Exchange will be realised in term 19th – 28th October 2011. Groups of five participants and leader (18-25 years old) not only from Romania, but also from Hungary, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal and Netherlands will participate.

Before the exchange participants of each country will together create a performance on solidarity and show it to an audience (at least 50  people). This perfomance will be also performed in the exchange. In the end of the exchange the group will create choreography and perform it in public. During the exchange the physical activity will be no less then 5 hours every day.

This exchange is funded by European Union program Youth in Action. Each participant receives 70% of travel reimbursement.

If you are interested, fill in the application form and send to luda_derkach@yahoo.com and also to contact person for Romanian group alina@ymca.ro (Alina Pop from Romania YMCA). When you have been selected to come for the exchange you will receive a confirmation letter.

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