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“Youth Life Journalism” – EVS project in Greece

August 28, 2012 | In: , ,

HAI (Hellenic Association of Informatics) offer 4 places in EVS project Youth Life Journalism” (youth life journalism and evs cafe) in Athens.

Project with EI. Ref. 2011-GR-12 will start 4th February 2012 and its duration is 6 months.

The main objective is to spread information (as young reporters with video material: interviews, covering stories + volunteer life) about possibilities for youth given by NGO’s and the EU youth programs, make them aware of being part, motivates them to organise things by their own and promote the idea of voluntary work.

Other aspect will be to promote the active citizenship and to give to the youngsters (age 15 – 25 mainly) in our area ‘the power’, tools and information (with all the material that produce and distribute), to do more with Youth in Action programme.

Objective of our EVS project are the volunteers they function as “digital” authors and “journalists”. Visit, record, process with the suitable software and at the end they produce video (and photographs) that cover the actions that they will record. Actions from our NGO but also from others NGO’s in Greece, from the programs that organize. Also cover the life of the EVS volunteers in Greece (in the frames of their programs but also in frames of social life and their individual actions), they will advance in interviews with young persons (with EVS volunteers but also young Greeks) and generally they will undertake the role of young reporters (that produce video material for the activation of young people and for the Youth in Action program). All this (mainly video but also photographs and accompanying texts) upload to free use in the Youtube and Facebook.

Volunteer will be responsible for helping to organizing educational-cultural activities held in our region (under the Youth in Action or generally).
The volunteer might have the possibility to develop -as a personal project- a proposal for a Youth activity that could be promote by the host or send NGO. If this is the case he/she will be able to dedicate 10% of the EVS period to this task and the participation to on-going activities.

Selection criteria: Volunteers they should have an interest about youth work, spread information, support ideas and actions and the must important to learn and work with video and digital s/w related with capture and video production. Also it’s important to be flexible and open, communicate / friendly / active character. Tolerance and open mind is very important for this project. The age should be between 18 and 25 (basically). They should be able to deal with computer programs such as windows, word and excel (in basic level) and also be able to use internet search tools and e-mail, also our NGO provide lessons to this topic (and video editing).

Interested? Please contact direct to the email: info@informatics.org.gr
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